Wine Red with Droplet Reflections
Wine Red with Droplet Reflections
Wine Red with Droplet Reflections

Wine Red with Droplet Reflections

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Swing Flags (for pairs, order Left & Right)


Single Colour: wine red with droplet weave

Swing Flags (no rod or dowel)


100% satin silk, heavy weight,
front with natural sheen and droplet reflections and matt on the reverse with droplet reflections


●  left and right are the same
●  can be used as a single flag




This flag declares the victory of the blood and its power in the courts of heaven.  Recommended for warfare worship and intercession.

Customer Reviews

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Quality product

Great colour and material a pleasure to work with

Joe Morris
Excellent flags

The flags are made of high quality silk and have clearly been well manufactured as the weighting is better than other flags I have used which lets you focus on what God is showing you in that moment and express that which he' s put in you. Would definitely recommend.

Why choose us?

Become a carrier of the promise

G-d's spirit promised us that he would release the fragrance of heaven when we use the flags with design (see The Promise in the About us section). 
You are covered by that promise - worship with flags that have a design and expect the release of Heavens' Fragrance. 

Bringing Heaven to Earth

The colours, patterns and designs are all heaven-inspired, often depicting or reflecting scenes, visions or encounters we had with heavenly beings such as angel dancing, bathing in the river of love or being taken up to look at Mount Zion in the north.  

As you use the swing flags you declare the reality of those very places - be prepared to encounter them for yourself. 

Warriors readying for Battle

We know that in worship and intercession we are battling fiercely and our swing flags need to withstand vigorous usage.  With that in mind all our swing flags are made of luxurious heavyweight silk satin ideal for the stronger and powerful worshipper engaging in battle.Silk satin has a natural sheen like the polished bronze shields used by the mightiest warriors and a natural strength to withstand great forces.