Worship music we use

There is no limit to what sound you can use to worship with.  Above all we would encourage you to listen to Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) to use the sound for your worship that he directs you to use in that moment. 

That said we are often asked what sounds we use for our worship.  Below we list some of the songs and compositions we find useful.  We have no connection to the artists or recording labels. 

We also track the sound for each Hebrew month and this is most explored during our First Fruits Celebrations (Rosh Chodesh celebrations).  That means we recognise that as for each Hebrew month the blessings, the testimonies and the prophetic revelations are changing so we want to know what sounds G-d is releasing in that month so we can join him.  The sound may be a worship song, a music category, a secular song, a song without lyrics or a simple rhythm.  An example of how this works is the Palmoni in Bethel YouTube page.  The sound that is relevant for each Hebrew month will be specific to you and to your assembly/gathering and over time will become a record and testimony of how Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) has directed you over the years.  

Hebrew / Messianic
Hashem Melech (השם מלך) - Y Studs    Apple Music    Amazon    Spotify

His Generation (דור דורשיו) - Shilo Ben Hod    Apple Music    Amazon    Spotify    Artist's website

Kol Haneshama (כֹּל הַנְּשָׁמָה) Psalm 150 - Baht Rivka Whitten    Apple Music    Amazon 

Kadosh Ata (קָדוֹשׁ אַתָּה) You are holy - Keren Silver    Apple Music  

Let us sing to the Lord (לכו נרננה לאדוני) - James Hilsden    Apple Music    Artist's website

Zion - Aaron Shust    Apple Music    Amazon

Levántate Señor - Miel San Marcos    Apple Music    Amazon

Cristo, Eres Me Amor - Tony Selma    Amazon

Hoy - Alex Campos    Apple Music    Amazon

Te Busco - Alex Zurdo    Apple Music    Amazon    Spotify 

Every Praise - Hezekiah Walker    Apple Music    Amazon

Cinematic / Atmospheric
Caravan - Georgian Banov    Apple Music    Amazon

Hope is Rising - Petrus Ahonen    Apple Music

Yeshua - Kimberly & Alberto Rivera    Apple Music    Amazon

Breathe on Us - Steve Swanson    Apple Music    Amazon

Teri Aaradhana Ho - Bridge Music    Apple Music    Amazon    Spotify

Tera Pyaar - Bridge Music    Apple Music    Amazon    Spotify

Oh Diyos Kay Buti Mo - Glory Bern Berenguel    Apple Music