Workshop: Cliff Festival (June 2022)

Presentation:  Exuberant Worship: Worship Flags & Worship Fragrance

Topics covered:  

  • -  worshipping with all senses: hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, tasting
  • -  prophetic worship fragrance
  • -  prophetic expression through sound, movement, colour and scent
  • -  worship flags, swing flags, worship fragrance and relevant exercises

  • Background topics mentioned: 

  • -  Messianic understanding - our Hebrew roots and inheritance
  • -  times and seasons:  Shabbat, First Fruits (Rosh Chodesh), Appointed times (moedim), Shmita and Jubilee years, leap years and Adar II
  • -  individual worship, corporate worship 
  • -  David's Tent: musicians, singers, dancers, prophets, gatekeepers and watchmen