Swing Flags

Swing flags have no pole, rod or dowel.  Rather the flags contain a weight and they flare with the movement of the person using the flags.  They combine fluidity with power.  For further advice on how to use them, please see the FAQ on Using Swing Flags below. 

Swing flags are meant to be used in pairs and some of our designs specifically built on the pairing of flags.  When ordering you will need to order a left flag and a right flag of the selected design to purchase a pair. Further information on pairing can be obtained from the Sizes, Pairings & Quality page. 

All our swing flags are made of 100 per cent. heavyweight silk satin.  We work with a number of silk mills in Europe and in Asia to obtain the silk quality that best fits the design.  Our silk mills have extensive experience, sometimes stretching over generations. 

We recognize that most swing flags in the market are offered as a lightweight silk product (usually 8mm Habotai silk).  Our swing flags are made of heavier silk satin which means that they are made of thicker cloth as they are meant for use in warfare worship and for use by stronger persons with more powerful movements.  The heavier silk quality adds more character to the worship expression including sound and natural sheen that cannot be achieved with silks of lighter weight. 

Whilst we want to support anybody who seeks to worship with swing flags, when designing our swing flags we do have a strong focus on men as we think that they are underrepresented in expressive worship and we want to encourage their participation. 

Each flag entry contains photographs showing various features of the flag and a description highlighting whether the flag comes as part of a pair or can be bought individually. 

Please also read through the information in the section on Sizes, Pairings and Quality.

Swing flags need movement to flare out and be seen as they do not have any rod or dowel supporting them.  This is a feature we like as the requirement for movement makes the flag become an extension of the body which means when worshipping with flags, the whole body worships.  We designed the flags for maximum flare when in motion.

Our swing flags are designed as pairs:  one flag for the left hand and one flag for the right hand.  For each hand the shiny side faces away from the body.  It is possible to only use a single flag – make sure you use / order the correct flag for the hand you have in mind.  This is particular important for paired designs where certain designs are only available for one hand.

Warning. Please ensure you have sufficient space around you when using swing flags so that other people are not hurt by them. The swing flags contain weights and using the swing flags in close proximity to people may cause the flags to hurt other people. We do not accept any liability for inappropriate, unintended or wrong use of the swing flags including where a safe distance between the person using the swing flags and another person has not been observed.

We aim to produce training videos in the future.  If you find it difficult to move with the flags, send us an e-mail and we will try our best to help you. 

Orders, Delivery, Shipping, Returns

All our products are made to order that means we only start production after we have received your order. Normal production time is 3-4 weeks. Should it take longer, for instance because there is a high order volume, we will let you know. We will dispatch your order as soon as the products have passed quality control.

If the flags become available sooner, then we will dispatch them as soon as they have passed quality control. 

No. We do not hold any stock and all swing flags are produced to order. This means all orders are custom orders as the swing flags we produce are made to your specifications.

As for any custom order you will need to wait until the swing flags are produced. However, the swing flags will be made specially for you.

The only exception is when we participate at events where we have a stall and for those events only we will have a small number of flags pre-produced.

Production. All our swing flags are produced to order that means we will only start producing the swing flags when we receive your order.  Production time will normally be between 3-4 weeks and we will let you know if the product takes longer than that (for instance when we receive a large number of orders). 

Should the flags become available sooner, then we will dispatch them as soon as they have passed quality control. 

Delivery. After the dispatch of the swing flags by us to you the carrier will take some time to deliver the swing flags to you. Delivery times depend upon the carrier company and the destination country. We do not have control over delivery times but we will send you a tracking number where you can follow the progress of the delivery.

As explained above, all our swing flags are made to order and you need to allow for production time which will normally be 3-4 weeks. Whenever possible, we will seek to accommodate a faster turnaround and/or will let you know if alternatives are available sooner.

For UK deliveries, there is no charge for shipping.  

For EEA countries, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, we charge delivery per pair of flags using the cheapest courier delivering to the destination country.   For more details, please see our Shipping section.

Sometimes we run a promotion and offer free shipping to EEA countries, the USA or Canada.

For all other countries we have no negotiated courier tariffs and will charge the actual cost of shipping. Please Contact Us before placing an order.

Tax, Packaging

Our prices are all inclusive, so unfortunately we cannot grant any rebate.  In other words, the prices for the UK, EU and EEA countries are the same as for any other country.

We regret that our packaging system cannot cater for this at the moment.  We are set up for the dispatch of pairs of flags and if two or more pairs are ordered they will be shipped as individual pairs. 

Yes. If you live in the EU then EU law requires all goods imported into the EU must be subject to VAT, i.e. you need to pay VAT on your order. For some countries this will be done automatically at the check-out, for others this will be done in your country by the courier who delivers the flags to your door.

We have no control over the amount of VAT you need to pay. The amount of VAT you need to pay depends upon your country and the order amount. Most EU countries charge around 20% VAT on any order.

Care Instructions

You can wash your swing flags by hand in hand-warm water using a detergent suitable for silk (see link below). Do not wring the silk as it is too delicate - leave it hanging to air dry and iron afterwards using a silk setting for the iron.

Do not rub on the fabric or fabric against fabric as this will damage the silk.

We recommend the following zero waste, fully biodegradable silk detergent (we have no connection to that company):


We do not recommend you using a stain remover on silk as they can be quite abrasive. Try washing the swing flags with a detergent suitable for silk instead.

We recommend the following zero waste, fully biodegradable silk detergent (we have no connection to that company):


Silk can be dry cleaned. However when you send your swing flags for dry cleaning, ensure that they are aware of the weighted edges of the silk so that the silk will not be damaged during the dry clean. We do not accept any responsibility for any damage done to the swing flags during dry cleaning and you will not be able to ask for exchanges or refunds if your swing flags get damaged.

If your swing flags are dirty or smelly, we recommend you wash your swing flags by hand as explained in the first question of this rubric.

Yes, the swing flags can be ironed. Please use a silk temperature setting. We also recommend using a thin cloth between the silk fabric and the iron to prevent heat shine and any limescale damaging the fabric.

We iron our swing flags quite frequently, using a steam iron.

If the stain is from dirt and water, you should wash your swing flag to remove the dirt.

If the stain is only from water, either:

(1) place a damp cloth or paper towel over the water stain and dry iron the cloth or paper towel leaving some moisture in the fabric to air dry; or

(2) hold the stained area of the flag over a source of water steam for 30s (be careful not to burn yourself), leave to air dry and repeat until the water stain is gone.

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