Sizes, Pairings & Quality


The flags come in three set sizes as shown in the table below.  However, each flag is hand produced and natural variations will occur including shrinkage as stated below.  






c. 28 x 28

c. 71 x 71



c. 38 x 38

c. 96 x 96



c. 47 x 47

c. 122 x 122

We recommend: 
Small flags for children and persons of a height below 4 ft 11 (1.50 m),
Standard for persons of a height at or below 5ft 10 (1.80 m) and
Large for persons taller than 5ft 10 (1.80 m).


Flags are meant to be used in pairs, with one flag for the left hand (left flag) and one flag for the right hand (right flag).  Some flags have been designed to work as a pair in that the left flag has a design that is complementary but different to the design of the right flag.  Where flags have been designed as a pair the designs of the individual flags will only be sold for the side indicated.  Our recommendation would be to purchase both flags as a pair to get the complete design.


All our swing flags are made of 100% heavy weight silk satin and the designs are either produced for or commissioned by us and therefore exclusive to Love to Worship.  Many of our suppliers are OEKO TEX® Standard 100 certificated. 

In addition the product page for each flag shows an image of the design of the flag and a photograph where various features of the flag are shown to assess its quality prior to purchase.