Environmental & Social Responsibility

We take our responsibility for our social and environmental impact seriously.

Natural materials, organic certification

We use only use natural materials for all our flags.  We only use 100% mulberry silk which is a natural material and biodegradable.  We don't use polyester, nylon or other cheaper fabrics made from crude oil as those materials contribute to toxic plastic waste, are not biodegradable and were produced exploiting crude oil that often comes with environmental damage.  

Where the design and the colours allow, our fabrics have been manufactured to certified organic and ethical standards and are fully GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and ICEA certified.  

Other fabrics are produced in silk mills that produce both GOTS certified and other fabrics.  That means that many of the environmental and social aspects of the GOTS requirements that more generally apply to the silk mill are applied to our standard fabrics too. 

Social and ethical standards

In addition we ask all our suppliers that they confirm the following: 

They do not use child or slave labour or other exploitative forms of labour and confirm that neither child nor slave labour nor other exploitative forms of labour are used by their suppliers. 

They do not engage in, encourage or tolerate corruption or corrupt practices in their business dealings including any dealings by their employees, directors or associates of employees or directors. 

They do not use substances or engage in practices harmful or toxic to humans or to the environment.