The Promise

Worshipping with our whole being

We wanted to worship with our whole being and engage all of our five senses.  We had hearing - we were singing worship songs, sight - we had our colourful swing flags, touch - we were dancing and moving our bodies in alignment with Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit). But we were missing taste and smell.  So we added fragrant anointing oil to our swing flags and dispersed the fragrance as we were flagging to worship G-d. 

Then we started to change the design of swing flags and G-d spoke to us that whenever we use a single coloured flag, we can add fragrance to the flag as it symbolises worshipping arising from man to G-d.  No swing flag with a design or image should get any fragrant oil as G-d himself would release the fragrance from heaven when those flags were used in worship.  

A few months down the line we were practising new moves with our flags, using both single coloured flags and flags with a design.  After about two hours we were packing up and could smell an intensely sweet floral fragrance.  It made no sense to us - we were packing up the single coloured flags and we were sure we had not used any fragrant oil on them as they were new. We didn't ponder it any further.

With our flags packed we left.  Then a woman caught up with us and said:  "I don't know what you did, if you were praying or worshipping but I could smell this beautiful fragrance.  And you need to know that I have not been able to smell for two years.  My friends always forget that I can't smell and give me bath bombs for my birthday."  First we just marvelled but then we remembered the promise that G-d had given us:  he himself would release the fragrance of heaven.  This woman, not being able to smell in the natural, could perfectly smell in the spirit and was used as a confirmation by Abba that he will make his word come true. 

So, when you use designed flags from this store, in faith expect for G-d to release the fragrance of heaven into your realm just as he did among us.